Sr. Youth

Youth Leader: John Webster

Our Sr. Youth ministry is a very active ministry within the church.  Our youth regularly do short term mission trips to places like Guatemala to work in a Christian school and build housing. Jamacia, to work in a school for the deaf.  Romania to build a church.  New York City at a rescue mission to serve the homeless, just to name a few.  They regularly are involved in camps, and day trips including; skiing, tubing, paint ball, escape rooms, go-cart racing, and a hoast of other activities.  Every event has a time spent in God's word and prayer and we stress the importance of keeping God's word at the center of this ministry.

On the fourth Sunday of every month the teens leave our regular worship service for a Teen Church lead by our youth leaders. We have three adult pairs that make up our Sr. Youth leadership team.

Service is stressed with our youth and this is done in disaster recovery trips as well as the short term mission trips mentioned above. 

Brake Youth Goals

Group Fellowship Activities

1. Weekend Retreat

2. Quarterly Event

3. Bible studys at random creative locations  (youth led)

Expand our group influences outside our church in service projects

          1. Develop local evangelism opportunities

          2. Road trip visitations

          3. Local mission service projects

Share Ministry within the church

          1.  Skits and dramas

          2.  Special music

          3.  Read scripture

          4.  Youth Sunday

          5.  Serve a church dinner

"ALWAYS, bring a friend"


Let your light shine before others so that they may see you good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven 
 Matthew 5:16


  June 2021  
This Week's Events


Online Bible Study
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
This online study is led by Pastor Craig. Zoom software and requires receiving a code by Pastor Craig to enter the study.


Lady's Fellowship Breakfast
9:00 AM
Meets at Family Traditions
Bible Search